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Mondialbox - Self storage drive for nusinesses and indivuduals

What does Mondial Box provide ?

Mondial Box provides individual, single-storey units that are 100% secure and have 24/7 self-service access.

More than just a storage facility, the Mondial Box solution can be tailored to suit individual as well as business needs and offers very competitive rates !

Would you like to rent a storage facility?
Don't wait any longer, contact Mondial Box! It is the ideal solution for storing your furniture close to home at a very competitive rate.

Self storage is the easy and effective solution
to your storage requirements and lack of space.


Mondialbox - Optimal security

Private units with unique and personal access code

Our units are guaranteed tamper-proof

Secure storage area thanks to 24/7 video surveillance

Mondialbox - Prodomo

Mondialbox - Self storage drive
Mondialbox - quality units

Our units are maritime containers, capable of storing goods in extreme conditions.

Offering protection from bad weather and damp, they resist rain and snow.

Designed for long-term storage of dry goods : furniture, household electrical goods, archives, linen, non-perishable foods, etc.

Mondialbox - Self storage drive
Mondialbox - ease of use

Free and open 24/7 access

Single-storey units for easy loading and unloading

Can be accessed using your vehicle or a small van.

Different size units to meet your specific needs

A team to help you choose your storage area

For any length of time

Mondialbox - Self storage drive
Mondialbox - discount prices

Very attractive rates

No administrative costs, no hidden fees

No tax (French property or housing tax)

No commitment

Mondialbox - Self storage drive


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