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Mondialbox - archiving unit

A service tailored to businesses

Mondial Box is the most cost-effective and freely accessible self storage drive in® and storage facility solution.

Companies, craftspeople and removal businesses...
...we offer a cost-effective solution for storing equipment, work site tools, buffer stocks, archives, etc.

With 24/7 surveillance, your goods are secure.
The container is designed to transport goods in adverse conditions (boat, storms, lorry, train, etc.).

Mondialbox - the archiving unit

Permanently available, you can access it when you want and as many times as you want 24/7.

Archiving your company documents is totally confidential as only you have the key to your archive storage unit.

Mondial Box guarantees maximum security and surveillance.

On renting a unit, you do not need to sign a lease or pay any taxes (French property or housing tax), expenses or leasehold rights.

The unit is already fitted out with archiving shelves. You just have to deposit your documents.

Example of archive storage (for information only)
10 m3 archiving: approx. 300 archive boxes
16 m3 archiving: 490 archive boxes on shelving.
33 m3 archiving: 900 archive boxes on shelving.

Gain space and opt for the most cost-effective solution.


Mondialbox - archiving unit

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